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Workpoint Co-working Peru is an emerging peruvian company that offers coworking spaces, network events and financial coaching to their customers (all their residents are business owners).
We started creating a new brand identity, with custom made graphic designs that reinforce the concept that it’s better to work in our offices (also giving them that extra value from their competition) than in your home. Starting with their workshop events, reinforcing the main post with attractive stories to remind the dates of each workshop.
Simultaneously we also made photomontage graphic designs inside their infrastructure, comparing how much you can improve your productivity, creativity and how much more professional you look working inside Work Point than working from home (or any other co-work space).
Because of the current events due to COVID-19 we came up with the creative concept of work-home.
We started by doing call to actions to reinforce that idea 💡 and to entertain their followers. Doing live events of coaching and tutorials made by their own customers (edited and directed by us of course) to keep promoting each individual business and still give them possible leads. We also used the popularity of the new season of @lacasadepapel to create a trivia game through our stories and posts, keeping entertain their followers and also staying relevant to get more engagement whenever we post a more serious content (coaching and consulting).

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